China: Daily Scan, March 02, 2021
Dr Teshu Singh, Research Fellow, VIF
Opening-up at higher starting point to offer new chances for China-Tajikistan cooperation: Xi: Xinhuanet
March 2, 2021

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday that as this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China will push forward reform and opening-up from a higher starting point, bringing new opportunities for the comprehensive China-Tajikistan cooperation. Click here to read...

Young officials urged to carry on CPC virtues: China Daily
March 2, 2021

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has encouraged young officials to faithfully pass on the Party's glorious traditions and fine work style and strive to make new accomplishments in the country's journey to build a modern socialist nation. Click here to read...

CNN not telling truth about 'truthtellers': China Daily
March 2, 2021

On Feb 15, CNN published a story about "truthtellers in China", claiming some doctors and journalists were silenced because they tried to tell the truth about COVID-19. Click here to read...

GT Voice: Taiwan island’s chip industry has been overrated under Washington’ cajolery: Global Times
March 1, 2021

After Chinese mainland recently suspended pineapple imports from Taiwan island due to the detection of pests, rounds of politicized hype have been heated on the island with some netizens even clamoring to ban chip exports to the mainland as a "retaliatory". Absurd as it is, it's actually the US-led Western countries pulling the string by creating a fantasy for Taiwan to overrate the strategic significance of its chip industry. Click here to read...

Xinjiangers seen by local public vs shown in Western media: difference exposes slander against China: Global Times
March 1, 2021

After a Uygur Twitter user posted pictures comparing the Xinjiangers seen by the local public and those portrayed by Western media amid the intensifying slanders against China's policy in the region, analysts noted Western tricks only exposed their ulterior motives and educated Chinese people about their hypocrisy in human rights. Click here to read...

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