China: Daily Scan, March 01, 2021
Dr Teshu Singh, Research Fellow, VIF
Special study unveils what China has to share on fighting poverty: Xinhuanet
March 1, 2021

China's history-making success in poverty alleviation has gone beyond established anti-poverty theories and can provide fresh perspectives and experiences for the global fight against poverty, said a research paper released on Sunday. Click here to read...

Nation builds on growth momentum:China Daily
March 1, 2021

China was confirmed to have been the only major economy that expanded in the crippling pandemic year of 2020, and it also sustained its growth momentum in February, making it a key engine of global economic rebound, officials and experts said on Sunday. Click here to read...

Roundup: Progress in industrial and IT sectors and path ahead:China Daily
March 1, 2021

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a news conference on development of industry and information technology in Beijing on Monday. Click here to read...

Taiwan hype over mainland ‘pineapple ban’ an attempt to cover a guilty conscience: Global Times editorial: Global Times
February 28, 2021

The Chinese mainland's temporary ban on pineapple imports from Taiwan island is a trivial adjustment due to the detection of pests with the aim to cut off the risk of plant-caused epidemics. But in the island, this has become an earth-shattering event. Taiwan regional leader Tsai Ing-wen called on people to eat more pineapples to help farmers. Click here to read...

Chinese legislator urges enhanced drone usage in border regions: Global Times
February 28, 2021

A Chinese legislator who leads a regiment in the country's southwestern border defense frontline will submit a proposal at the upcoming two sessions, suggesting that China should enhance border management and control by deploying more smart equipment like drones, as his experience and research indicate huge room for improvement despite the wide use of such devices by the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Click here to read...

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