China: Daily Scan, August 13, 2020
Dr Teshu Singh, Research Fellow, VIF
China-India border row: no sign of progress as winter looms: South China Morning Post
August 13, 2020

Military talks on the India-China border row have yielded little progress and Indian troops must be prepared for the “long haul”, according to military and diplomatic sources in New Delhi. Click here to read....

Copying US’ China bashing tactic, India invites trouble: Global Times
August 13, 2020

A latest sign of mounting anti-Chinese nationalism in India is the trending #ThrowChinaOut on Twitter, and it coincides with the Indian government carrying out decoupling policies including banning dozens of apps with Chinese links. However, taking it as a chance for political gain, the Indian National Congress (INC), India's current opposition party, has criticized the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for not being tough enough toward China. Click here to read....

China opposes U.S-Taiwan official interactions under any pretext: FM: Xinhuanet
August 12, 2020

Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Wednesday said China firmly opposed any official interactions between the United States and Taiwan under any pretext.
"Those who play with fire will get burnt," Zhao said, urging certain American people not to have illusions about issues concerning China's core interests. Click here to read....

Washington spoiler in cooperation against outbreak: China Daily
August13, 2020

The United States administration has been telling one-sided stories about its fight against the novel coronavirus, and highlighting the country's advantages in technology, while belittling other countries' anti-pandemic measures and the importance of international cooperation, turning the pandemic into a competition. Click here to read....

Most US firms confident in China outlook: China Daily
August 13, 2020

Despite an unprecedented downturn in relations between the world's top two economies during the COVID-19 pandemic, United States businesses are not leaving the Chinese market, where most are making profits and optimistic about future growth, the US-China Business Council said in its annual member survey on Tuesday. Click here to read....

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