Amb Kanwal Sibal

The coroning ignominy
Will come when we discover
The roots of the conspiracy
And the “WHO-HAN” link uncover

Ideas whether batty or not
Immersed in Made-in-China soup
At all that thrown into the pot
The world must look at with a loop

China may want to save its face
But CV truth we must unmask
To stop virus running apace
WHOdunit is question to ask

This virus shows how Chhi-Chhi land
From wonton dumplings has moved to
Wanton devastation and planned
Game of world domination through

Inflating range of his CV
So that corona on the head
On China’s new emperor Xi
Remains despite so many dead

Wages of Sin-icisation
The world has now paid for its greed
Political isolation
Of China now’s a testing need

It’s cuisine going from bat to worse
China must diet so we don’t die
With steps to lift the virus curse
Xi’s bat-tle winning plans defy

The opthalmologist named Li
Saw clearly this new CV strain
Was deadly but myopic Xi
Shut him and others under pain

Witness for Xi’s prosecution
He could have been but he is dead
How then to get restitution
For this pandemic Xi has spread

In UN it must get a blow
For us the CV wall to breach
China’s Veto will have to go
From Wuhan se Yehan to reach.

The author is former Foreign Secretary & Member Advisory Council VIF

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