Policy Initiatives for The New Government - Building a ‘New India’

On May 30, 2019, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government led by Prime Minister Modi was sworn in after the NDA registered an unprecedented 350 seats in the Lok Sabha. The new government will undoubtedly continue to implement the various good policies that it initiated in 2014-2019. However, the ambition of building ‘New India’ will require deeper reforms in a variety of areas.

Governance needs to be improved, national security institutions must be strengthened, diplomatic capabilities enhanced, and a nationwide mission of innovation initiated. The problems of youth, farmers, workers, women, and children also need to be addressed. None of this will be possible without the requisite political will, and sustained economic growth. The government approach has to be that of continuity and change. While earlier reforms needs to be continued and deepened, a new set of reforms encompassing economy, agriculture, health, education, political parties will be required. The institutions of democracy will have to be strengthened.

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