VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: July 5, 2019
IMF package to bring $38bn from other creditors: Dawn
July 5, 2019

Pakistan on Thursday welcomed $6bn bailout package approved by the executive board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), saying it would lead to inflows of $38bn from other lenders in three years. Giving a breakdown of $38bn expected financial support from lenders other than IMF, Dr Shaikh said about $8.7bn funds had been lined up against project loans, $4.2bn for programme loans, about $14bn of rollover loans and up to $8bn in commercial loans. He did not go into details and sources of these loans. Click here to read..

Pakistani Premier To Meet Taliban Leaders On Afghan Peace: tOLO NEWS
July 5, 2019

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet with leaders of the Taliban in the near future in an attempt to push forward an otherwise sluggish peace process in war-weary Afghanistan, his adviser on political affairs said Wednesday, as quoted by Pakistani news agencies. “Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet the Taliban leaders soon for the peaceful resolution of the Afghan crisis and the Afghan government has also shown its consent in this regard,” an advisor to the Pakistani premier Naeem ul Haq said as quoted by state-run Radio Pakistan while addressing a conference in the capital, Islamabad. Haq said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s visit to Pakistan late last month had helped build confidence between the two neighbors. Click here to read..

Nepal’s ambassador has been waiting over a month for formal meeting with Indian external affairs minister, officials say: Kathmandu Post
July 5, 2019

Despite waiting for over a month, Nilamber Acharya, Nepal’s ambassador to India, has failed to meet with S Jaishankar, India’s new external affairs minister. This failure, though, is not for a lack of trying. As soon as the new Indian Cabinet took office on May 30, the Nepali Embassy in New Delhi had written to India’s Ministry of External Affairs, seeking a courtesy call on Jaishankar by the ambassador. Over a month later, the embassy has been patiently waiting for a response, according to officials. But as of Thursday, no phone calls had been forthcoming. Officials at the Nepali Embassy in New Delhi told the Post that they had made a number of separate requests with other line ministries, including the External Affairs Ministry, as soon as the new government was formed, but Acharya has not had facetime with any of them. Click here to read..

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina holds talks with her Chinese counterpart, signs nine agreements: India Today
July 5, 2019

China Thursday accorded a red carpet welcome to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who held wide ranging talks with her Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang to further consolidate bilateral ties and signed nine agreements. The nine instruments - five agreements, three memorandums of understanding (MoUs) and a document - were signed in different sectors ranging from aid for the Rohingyas and economic and technical cooperation, investment, power, culture and tourism. Prime Minister Keqiang welcomed the Bangladesh prime minister as she reached the Great Hall. She was accorded a red carpet welcome and a team of armed forces offered her a guard of honour. Click here to read..

China, Bangladesh agree to Belt and Road cooperation: People’s Daily
July 5, 2019

China and Bangladesh on Thursday agreed to advance their cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative. The consensus was reached by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and visiting Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who is on an official visit to China.
Calling Bangladesh an important cooperation partner of China in South Asia, Li hailed the two countries' traditional friendship. Click here to read..

Beijing calls for removing added tariffs: China Daily
July 5, 2019

If China and the United States eventually reach a trade deal, all additional tariffs imposed by the US should be eliminated, Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said on Thursday, adding that this has been China's consistent stance. Click here to read..

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