VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: 16th January, 2019
US seeks Pakistan’s help for coaxing Taliban back into talks: Dawn
January 16, 2019

Senior US official Lisa Curtis on Tuesday opened her visit to Pakistan with meetings amidst reports that the process of engagement with the Taliban for restarting the Afghan peace process had stalled. US Special Envoy for Afghan Peace and Reconciliation Amb Zalmay Khalilzad, who too was due in Islamabad, could not reach here because of changes in his itinerary. Amb Khalilzad in his latest trip to the region has faced several unexpected changes. He is currently in Afghanistan. Click here to read...

NATO's Commitment To Afghanistan 'Unwavering': Tolo News
January 16, 2019

Despite rumours that US troops could pull out of Afghanistan, NATO said the bloc's commitment to the country was "unwavering”, according to Forces Network report. The committee’s chairman, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, coordinates turning political decisions into military action. “We as an alliance have troops deployed all over the globe serving away from home and in difficult and arduous conditions to provide security peace and stability to over one billion citizens of our world,” Air Chief Marshal Peach told delegates and journalists. Click here to read...

Kathmandu, provinces at odds over security arrangements: Kathmandu Post
January 16, 2019

When Province 2 went ahead with endorsing its Provincial Police Bill back in October last year, it created quite a furore at the Centre—so much so that former prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, co-chairman of the governing Nepal Communist Party, went on to warn that any move to “overtake the Centre” would jeopardise republicanism.

The objection to Province 2 move of bringing its own Provincial Police Bill emanated from the fact that the federal parliament was yet to introduce the umbrella law on management of police in the federal set-up. Click here to read...

UN report anticipates country's bigger role as influential exporter, import: People's Daily
January 16, 2019

China is poised to expand its global dominance of trade in creative goods and services in such areas as film, television and artificial intelligence, according to a new UN report. The Geneva-based United Nations Conference on Trade and Development said global trade in creative goods, with export growth rates of more than 7 percent over 13 years, is an expanding and resilient sector. Click here to read...

Nasa wanted to use China’s spacecraft to plan a new American moon mission, top Chinese scientist says: South China Morning Post
January 16, 2019

The lead scientist for China’s lunar project revealed on Tuesday that US space scientists had asked permission to use China’s Chang’e 4 spacecraft and relay satellite to help them plan an American mission to the far side of the moon. Click here to read...

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