VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: 14th February, 2019
Afghan Taliban announce talks with US in Islamabad: spokesman: Dawn
February 14, 2019

The Afghan Taliban said on Wednesday that their negotiators would meet US envoys for talks this month in Islamabad, and also sit down with Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss Afghanistan. The announcement, not immediately confirmed by Washington or Islamabad, comes as America's chief negotiator tours the globe shoring up support for a peace process to end its longest war. Click here to read...

Former Interim President Mujaddedi Laid To Rest: Tolo News
February 14, 2019

Former Afghan interim president and ex Jihadi leader Sibghatullah Mujaddadi was buried in Ashiqan Arifan in Kabul on Tuesday after he died on Monday night following a long illness. A special prayer ceremony was also held for Mujaddadi at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday. Attending the ceremony were government leaders, including President Ashraf Ghani, former Jihadi leaders, politicians and foreign dignitaries. Addressing the ceremony, Ghani said Mujaddadi, who died at 93, had been a teacher to all the people and said his political achievements had been significant. Click here to read...

Ideological differences in ruling party surface over ‘people’s war’: Kathmandu Post
February 14, 2019

Top former Communist Party of Nepal-UML leaders, including Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, on Wednesday skipped a programme the former Maoists observe on February 13 (Falgun 1) every year to commemorate their “people’s war”, in what carried a political message that ideological struggle between the two communist parties still persist and differences are yet to be fully resolved. Moreover, former UML leaders publicly said that marking “people’s war” day--or Janayuddha Diwas—was not the party’s decision and that the call was taken by Pushpa Kamal Dahal, co-chair of the Nepal Communist Party. They even objected to the idea of marking the day. Click here to read...

Bangladesh proposes safe zone in Myanmar for Rohingya refugees: Al Jazeera
February 13, 2019

Bangladesh's Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has called on Russia, China and India to help the country tackle the Rohingya refugee crisis. In an interview with Anadolu news agency on Sunday, Momen said his government has proposed to establish a safe zone in Rakhine state in Myanmar from where the refugees fled state persecution in late 2017. "If a safe zone is created under the vigilance of China, Russia and India along with the ASEAN states, Rohingya people will be encouraged to return to their own land," he said. Click here to read...

Easing likely with slowing of economies: China Daily
February 14, 2019

China may move more toward monetary easing, joining a group of other major economies prone to dovish policy typified by more accommodative measures that stimulate growth, analysts said. This comes at a time when global central bank governors have become more concerned about an economic slowdown and put tightening measures on hold. Click here to read...

Latest anti-graft campaign focuses on organized crime: China Daily
February 14, 2019

From January to the end of November last year, police nationwide cracked down on 1,082 mafia-style criminal gangs and confiscated 1,620 guns as part of an ongoing campaign against organized crime, which is designed to improve the public's sense of security. Click here to read...

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