National Security Vol. I Issue II | November 2018
About the Issue:

The second issue of National Security is focused on India’s largest neighbour and the rising new global power, the PRC. China’s rapid modernization, its growing all-round capabilities, and its assertive diplomacy and military posture have large implications for India. The country has entered a challenging phase in its modernization and reforms, with problems mounting in both its internal and external sectors. A steady decline in GDP growth since 2010, rising internal debt, continued policy roadblocks to its stated goal of transitioning to a consumption-led growth model, and the increasing concentration of power in Xi Jinping -- all indicate the difficulties China is facing in moving towards the next phase of economic and political development. They are further complicated by the deteriorating ties with the world’s leading power, the United States. The growing rivalry in trade, technology and strategic fields have significantly complicated President Xi Jinping’s grand plans for China’s transition to the next phase of intensive, technology and consumption led advancement. The current issue of NS is being published to help our readers understand how the ongoing changes in China affect India and what to make of them. We hope our readers will find the issue timely and of great value.

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Contents : Vol. I Issue II | November 2018


U.S.- China Rivalry - Global Impact | P K Basu & Pinaki Bhattacharya


Understanding China's foreign policy in Xi Jinping’s “New Era” | Arvind Gupta

Can India and China have a Mutually Beneficial Relationship? | Anil Wadhwa

China’s Growing Presence in the Indian Ocean ~ India’s Options | Satish Soni


China's Role in the United Nations: Utilitarianism Overshadows Universal Values | Asoke Mukerji

PLA Reforms under Xi and their Security Implications | S L Narasimhan

China’s Green Innovation Strategy under Xi Jinping | Avinash Godbole

China’s `Mass Incidents’: Declining Numbers or Hidden Data? | Gunjan Singh

Book Reviews

Comprehensive Work on Security | Satish Chandra

Cracking the ‘Fortune Cookie’ of Chinese Power | Rana Divyank Chaudhary

Musharraf and the Price of Kargil | Prateek Joshi


Emancipate the Mind, Seek Truth from Facts and Unite as one in Looking to the Future,1978

Remarks Made During an Inspection Tour of Shanghai, 1991

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