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Seminar on India-China Maritime Cooperation

The VIF organised a Seminar on ‘India-China Maritime Cooperation’ in collaboration with a few Chinese think tanks namely, Naval Research Institute of PLAN, the National Institute for South China Sea Studies (NISCSS) and the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy Of Social Sciences (CASS) on 16 and 17 May 2016.

Interaction with a Taiwanese Delegation

In the second presentation, Mr.I chung Lai made a broad assessment of Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy, a policy priority for the President-elect as enunciated in her victory speech in January 2016. The said policy puts emphasis on greater engagement with countries in Southeast Asia, including India.

A Round Table Discussion with Keith Webster, Head of International Cooperation (the Pentagon) on DTTI

In continuation of a dialogue on DTTI (Defence Trade and Technology Initiative) with the U.S. trade representative Keith Webster, held at the Vivekananda International Foundation on 5 May 2016, substantive discussions were held on three key aspects of the emerging dynamic

Visit by a Nepalese Delegation

A five-member delegation from Nepal, led by Abdul Razzak, Member of Parliament (Nepali Congress Party) and comprising Dr Jagat Bahadur Pathak, Dr C B Pun, Gopi Prasad and Hira KC as members of the delegation

The Bahudha Approach

It was during my tenure as Executive Director, World Bank, at Washington DC, that the catastrophe of 9/11 took place. In the aftermath of the tragedy, it became fashionable for every think-tank to discuss two questions: ‘What went wrong?’ and ‘Why people hate us (Americans)’?

भारतीय सेना का आधुनिकीकरण

अभी तक दुनिया में हथियारों का सबसे बड़ा आयातक भारत अपने आयुध भंडार को उन्नत बनाने के लिए 2022 तक लगभग 310 अरब डॉलर (20.8 लाख करोड़ रुपये) खर्च करने के लिए तैयार है। इसके लिए वैश्विक हथियार आपूर्तिकर्ता और देसी आपूर्तिकर्ता होड़ में हैं, जो गठजोड़ बनाने, साझा उपक्रम (जेवी) तैयार करने, सार्वजनिक-निजी साझेदारी (पीपीपी) और सीधी बिक्री जैसे सभी व्यावहारिक विकल्प तलाश रहे हैं।

If Taliban Emir is Dead, what happens to his Momineen

Although still not confirmed, US officials appear quite certain that they have managed to ‘take out’ the Taliban Emir-ul-Momineen (Leader of the Faithful) in a drone strike carried out in the Balochistan

Modi’s Iran Sojourn: One of the most Important Visits Abroad

Everyone in India understands the importance of the Gulf region. With 7.5 million Indian expatriates, $30 billion annual remittances and majority supply of India’s energy needs it’s a crucial region for pro-activeness of India’s foreign policy

Winning Assam will help BJP in making further gains in North-East

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a marginal player in the Assam political scenario until its spectacular showing in the 2014 general elections for the Lok Sabha, has truly breached the north-eastern firewall that seemed impenetrable for decades

Why PM Modi's Iran visit is important

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Iran on May 22-23 has manifest bilateral and regional importance. It is a much delayed visit and until recently it seemed that it could well have got postponed to early next year.

आईएसआईएस (दाएश) के खिलाफ जंग: आखिर क्या होगा कारगर

दाएश के सामने आने के दो साल बाद भी दुनिया उस खिलाफत की महत्वाकांक्षाओं का खमियाजा भुगत रही है, जिसे अबू बक्र अल बगदादी ने उत्तरी इराक एवं सीरिया में स्थापित किया। कथित खिलाफत की ताकत भू-क्षेत्र पर उसके अधिकार, वित्तीय आय के तंत्र, नेतृत्व, लड़ाकों की फौज तथा इस्लामी तीर्थस्थलों एवं कबायली अरब क्षेत्रों के साथ भौगोलिक नजदीकी के कारण उसके भावनात्मक लगाव में निहित है।

China’s Road & Belt Initiative: Indian Perspective

China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’, which was first proposed in September 2013 and combines the twin initiatives of the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, is a grand concept that envisions China girdling the globe.

The Patriarch and the Pope

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All-Russia and Pope Francis met in Havana on 12 February 2016 – the first-ever meeting between the heads of the two Churches. The Russian Orthodox is part of the Eastern Communion, and hence part of the Great East-West Schism between Eastern

अमेरिकी चुनावों में तीसरे उम्मीदवार के रूप में ईसा

पिछले करीब तीसेक साल में अमेरिकी चुनावों में ईसा मसीह की अहमियत काफी बढ़ गई है। ऐसा तब है, जब ईसाई धर्म - चर्च जाने वाले परिवारों अथवा पारिवारिक मूल्यों के अर्थ में - में लगातार गिरावट देखी गई है। विवाह के बगैर ही संतानोत्पत्ति में 50 प्रतिशत से अधिक वृद्धि देखी गई है, जिससे पता चलता है कि अमेरिकी नागरिकों पर पारंपरिक चर्च का प्रभाव कितना कम हो रहा है।

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