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Interaction with a Nepalese Civil Society Delegation

Leading a six-member Nepalese Civil society delegation, Mr. Daman Nath Dhungana, a legal luminary in Nepal and former Speaker of the House of Representative, visited the Vivekananda International Foundation

Interaction with a visiting Japanese Economic and Cultural Exchanges Delegation

Members of the VIF faculty on 01 February 2016 held a wide ranging interaction with a fifteen-member visiting delegation from Japan, led by Mr. Kenichi Watanabe, Chairman of FEC Japan India and Cultural Economic Exchange Committee and comprising

Interaction with Prof Alexander Lukin, Director of the Center for East Asian and Shanghai Cooperation Organization Studies

Members of the VIF faculty, on 18 January 2016, interacted with Prof Alexander Lukin, Head, Department of International Relations, National Research University Higher School of Economics and Director, Center for East Asian

Interaction with Prof. Yu Longyu, Director, Centre for Indian Studies, Shenzhen University, China

On 12 January 2016, the VIF held an informal interaction with Prof. Yu Longyu, Director of Centre for Indian Studies, Shenzhen University, China, focusing on the role intellectuals, especially writers and teachers, potentially

Book Release: A Chinese Translation of Surdas’ Sursagar

A Chinese translation of Sursagar (the ocean of poems, originally composed by Surdas, a late 15th century blind saint, poet and musician) was released by Mr. Tarun Vijay, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, at the Vivekananda International Foundation

Interaction with Prof Hari Bansh Jha on the Madhesi Uprising in Nepal

On 04 December 2015, the VIF invited Hari Bansh Jha, Professor of Economics, Nepal’s Tribhuvan’s University for an interaction on the current political uprising in Nepal and its implications, especially for India.

Prime Minister’s address to Military leaders: No clarity on National Security Strategy

In his address to the Chiefs of Staff and the Commanders-in-Chief of the armed forces on board the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya on December 15, 2015, the Prime Minister made a rare statement on India’s defence policy.

Memo to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

Memo to FM: An education bank, easy loans to India Uninc, tax breaks for savers – and my dog

Since it is customary to give unsolicited advice to the finance minister in the run-up to the budget, here are some. In order to make it easy for the finance minister to quickly get the gist, the suggestions are short, and, in most cases, the operative details are in bullet points.

PLA Reform, Reorganisation, Restructuring and Implications for India

In a clear demonstration of his authority and confidence over the New Year, Chinese President Xi Jinping began implementing the crucial second phase of military reforms announced earlier on September 3, 2015.

Pakistan and The Saudi-Iran Face-Off

Pakistan’s diplomatic plate is full. The skill of its leadership and diplomats is being tested as they negotiate an unfolding regional situation. There are at least four key external issues that require immediate attention: to keep the Indo-Pak peace initiative

Challenges India Faces in Resuming Dialogue with Pakistan

Prime Minister Modi’s dialogue initiative towards Pakistan is premised on its stated willingness to make no distinction between good and bad terrorists, which implies a readiness to eliminate not only terrorists attacking

Case for a Regional Maritime Security Construct for the Indo Pacific

The Indian Ocean has been the hub of major economic activity and global realpolitik since the end of the Second World War. It has assumed greater importance since the penultimate decade of the last century and will continue to remain so in the 21st century. The development and progress witnessed in South East Asia, China and India during this period has further extended this geographical construct to the western reaches of the Pacific leading to what some call the great strategic arc of the Indo-Pacific.

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Diffidence, Defiance and Delusion: Maldives in Denial

'That which springs from comfort & consolation,
is delusion of perception;
For truth is absolute,
not contingent on convenience'

Human beings often conveniently slide into a ‘state of denial’ to avoid and evade unsettling realities transcending their mental and physical comfort zone. Wealthy parents turning a blind eye to their children’s indulgent

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