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Round Table Discussion on the ‘Developments in Afghanistan: Implications and Options for India’

In continuation of a long series of seminars and discussions on the future of Afghanistan, held by the VIF from time to time since 2009, a fresh round of discussion on the ‘Developments in Afghanistan: Implications and Options for India’,

RTD on ‘Making Defence Acquisitions Work’

With India’s estimated defence expenditure on capital acquisitions likely to cross over $150 billion over the next decade, the imperative to streamline India’s defence acquisition processes and making it more flexible, transparent and fast-track

Interaction with H.E. Mr. Hyun Cho, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India

On 21 June 2016, VIF hosted the Ambassador of South Korea to India H.E. Hyun Cho for an internal discussion on ‘India-South Korea relations and the way forward’. A large panel of eminent policy experts, Air Marshal PS Ahluwalia

Fortnightly Review & Analysis - USA, EU and Eurasia (Vol 1 Issue II)

(July 1-15, 2016)


Donald Trump has secured the Republican nomination for US president on day two (July 19) of the Republican National Convention. The House Speaker, Paul Ryan, urged delegates to unite behind Trump, a day after splits in the party were evident as the convention opened. His son Donald Trump, Jr formally proposed his father’s name. He said, “It is my honour to throw Donald Trump over the top with 89 delegates,” and then went on to add “Congratulations, Dad, we love you.”

रणनीतिक धैर्य से सुलझ सकती है चीन समस्या

चीन हमेशा से भारत के लिए समस्या रहा है। ऐसा इसीलिए भी है क्योंकि चीनी स्वयं तो अबूझ हैं और दिए जा रहे संदेश या संकेत को बूझने की कोशिश में उनके वार्ताकारों को अक्सर घंटों लग सकते हैं। लेकिन ऐसा इसलिए भी है क्योंकि एक दूसरे के साथ किसी भी तरह का बुनियादी या सभ्यतागत विवाद नहीं होने के बावजूद भारत और चीन कभी सामरिक मेल-मिलाप नहीं कर पाए हैं।

Fortnightly Review & Analysis – Indo-Pacific, Japan and East Asia (Vol 1 Issue II)

(July 1-15, 2016)

Award of the PCA in Philippines vs China Case

A Tribunal of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) issued its award on 12 July 2016, in the Philippines vs China case, essentially decided the following in response to the 15 submissions by the Philippines :-

  1. There was no legal basis for China to claim ‘historical’ rights to resources within the sea areas falling within the ‘nine-dash line’.

What’s the Real Story in Turkey?

I was in Ahmedabad when the attempted or rather failed ‘coup de tat’ took place in Turkey. I was to speak at a corporate function about India’s national security. However, my hosts requested me to first specifically speak for a few minutes on Turkey

India and SCO: Tashkent Summit and Beyond

India came one step closer to becoming a full-fledged member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), at the summit held last month. Some of the required procedures were yet to be completed. For instance, there are about 28 documents which have to be signed by India.

Fortnightly Review & Analysis - Neighbourhood Studies (Vol 1 Issue II)

(July 1-15, 2016)


US Congress Committee Recommends To End Pakistan Aid

The 12th of July afternoon hearing in the US Congress -“Pakistan: Friend or Foe?”- produced more heat than expected and at some points came close to challenging the country’s very existence as a sovereign state, with a US congressional panel demanding cutting off all US assistance to Pakistan to persuade Islamabad to act against the Taliban groups allegedly using its territory to launch operations into Afghanistan.

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