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Round Table Discussion on Counter Measures against Naxalism

On Jun 19th, 2015, VIF hosted Lt. Gen VK Ahluwalia, formerly Army Commander Central Command, for a talk on ‘Counter Measures against Naxalism’, followed by a round table discussion.

Seminar on Indian Civilization (2000-500 B.C.)

The Vivekananda International foundation (VIF), in association with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), held a two-day national seminar on the theme of ‘Indian Civilization (2000-500 B.C) on 17 & 18 Jun 2015.

Seminar on ‘Design and Make in India in Electronics’

With a view to evolve the future roadmap towards building comprehensive national capabilities in design and manufacturing in the Electronic Sector, the VIF, in collaboration with the DRDO, CII and the American Chamber of Commerce in India

Thoughts on India’s Central Asia Strategy

It is indeed encouraging that in a few days Prime Minister Modi will be visiting all the Central Asian countries simultaneously, something that no Indian Prime Minister has done so far. However, India seems to

Impressions from a Visit to China: Part II

Tale of Two Chinese Cities

The second part of the trip involved a visit to Shenzhen and Guangzhou; one representing the new resurgent, pulsating China throbbing with economic activity and the second depicting both the old and new elements.

BBC’s Fantasy on India-MQM Nexus

For over a year and a half now, the signals emerging from London are extremely negative. On the surface, the British appear to be very keen to engage India, in particular the Modi government, and leave no opportunity

Impressions from a Visit to China: Part I

While China had announced the year 2015 as ‘Visit India’ year after the visit of President Xi Jinping to India last September, this year after the visit of Prime Minister Modi to China officials in Beijing are in an overdrive to

Smart Cities to Enrich Urban Life

In a landmark decision, the Indian Government has given a green signal to the ambitious project of turning 100 urban centres spread across the country into smart cities ,the need for which has been vigorously espoused by the tech savy Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi .The “Smart Cities Mission” that will

From Public Protest to Power Politics: The the crisis in Maldives

The ongoing political crisis in Maldives has not only raised serious doubts about the country’s democratic credentials but also resulted in international spotlight shifting its focus on Maldives’ human rights

Military Action in Myanmar: Managing the Message

The Special Forces operation in Myanmar against insurgent camps is being widely perceived as a possible new template to deny safe havens to terrorists. The message appears to be that if terrorists launch attacks

Two crucial victories for ISIS

The recent unfolding of events in West Asia, where the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) militants captured two strategically and historically important places, has once again showed its intent to consolidate, control and expand its territories.

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