Director's pick - Issue XVI

Dear Readers,

State and local elections had been in the major point of focus amongst the citizens during the past fortnight. Indeed, that must be so because the outcome of these elections reflect the popular mood and would thus guide the Government’s policy implementations and fresh policy formulations.

These have been path breaking elections and PM Modi has emerged as one of the most popular leaders ever since we gained freedom. The people trust him and are depending on him to carry out any reforms which are required, irrespective of how much are they loaded with political risks for him, to lift the nation out of poverty. The likely change in the composition of Rajya Sabha (Upper House) will give PM Modi more freedom to implement his visions for the...

Director's pick - Issue XV

Dear Readers,

The new Presidential dispensation in the United States and apprehensions that has generated in the domestic as well as at the international scene have been the most engaging matter during the past fortnight. Obviously, banning of refugees, imposition of visa restrictions and indications of major commercial and diplomatic policy shifts have brought widespread consternation in the international arena, just as certain fiscal and administrative rebootings have affected the domestic scene. The result is that a sense of foreboding has struck America’s friends, allies, neighbours and competitors. A reckonable part of the American society too has found much to protest against what it considers immoral highhandedness that would smear the pristine...

Director's pick - Issue XIV

Dear Readers,

As we herald the new year 2017, for the strategic community it is a traditional time to look back, take stock of rises and slips, and gear up to face up to the gathering challenges. No doubt, the newyear would bring in new and more complex challenges for an ‘India on the move’, and that is a realisation that we have to be cognisant of. While wishing the VIF family a very successful 2017, I am sanguine that in the coming days, the fraternity would continue to make excellent contribution to the finer and crucial aspects of our national security that has been our hallmark.

Indeed, the fore stated realisation reflects in our analytical articulations of the past fortnight. Thus we have recorded an excellent ‘score card’, so to say, of the foreign policy...

Director's pick - Issue XIII

Dear Readers,

During the past fortnight, geo-political churnings in the region of Indo-Pacific have remained as contentious as ever. In the past couple of weeks we have had various hues of signals coming from the United States President-designate and China’s playing down her arrogation of the South China Sea while briskly proceeding with militarisation of that international waterway. Meanwhile, the current chapter of the ‘Great Game’ continues to be building up in the Khorasan Region, with China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Afghanistan as the Chinese-Pakistani duo’s objects of control. As to what would be the approach of Russia and Iran to these developments will be of great interest to everyone.

In the domestic front, as the initial hardships caused by...

Director's pick - Issue XII

Dear Readers,

An unsuccessful but costly Fidayeen attack at a somewhat far corner of the Army’s Corps Headquarters at Nagrota, rise of disconcert among people on the effects of de-monetisation of currency notes while hoarders of black money find ingenuous ways to hoodwink the system, and the confabulations during the ‘Heart of Asia’ Conference in Amritsar are the reckonable events of the past fortnight.

The Fidayeen attack, ostensibly to avenge the lawfully hanged traitor Afzal Guru, was aimed at breaking into a group of officers’ family quarters which is located at a limb adjacent to a jungle. Three suicidal terrorists, heavily armed and equipped, carried out the attack at morning wee hours. Hurried reaction by unprepared troops foiled the attackers’ mission but...