11th Aero India: Some of the Likely Technologies at Display

Professionals and Subject Matter Experts look forward with awaited breadth, the unfolding of the 11th Edition of Aero India at the Air Force Station Yelahanka, slated from 14-18 Feb 17; that is precisely 18 days on the countdown today. With more...

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Agni I to VI and Counting...... - A Journey of Strength-to-Strength

This article chronicles the story of the Agni Surface-to-Surface Missile (SSM) from inception till date. In that, it brings out the rationale, as to why we moved from Agni I to Agni II and beyond up to Agni VI, and continuing further. It flags...

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Bringing Down The Unmanned Machine: A Formidable Challenge and Suggested Way Ahead

The Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is as much an attackers’ delight as it is a defenders’ nightmare. In that, while the attackers are celebrating many a virtues of the unmanned phenomenon (long range, tremendous endurance, precision kill, all...

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Muddying the waters

Yopa mayatanam veda ayatanam bhavati
He who knows the source of water, becomes established in his Self
-- from Taithreeya Aranyakam (1.22) of Yajur Veda

Water, the life...

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सैन्य मामलों में लंबित परिवर्तनः भारतीय सेना

इतिहास साक्षी है कि, उन्नत हो रही प्रौद्योगिकी और बदलती रणनीति ने युद्ध लड़ने के तरीके में क्रांति ला दी है। हालांकि, प्रौद्योगिकी ने जितनी तेजी से सूचना और संचार प्रौद्योगिकी (आईसीटी) एवं मीडिया के क्षेत्र में व्यापक रूप से अपनी पैठ बनाई है,...

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Awaiting RMA: Indian Army

Throughout history, advances in technology and strategy have revolutionised the way wars are fought. But never before has the spread, influence and penetration of a technology been so rapid and wide spread as the Information and Communication...

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भारत-अमेरिका असैन्‍य परमाणु संधि के भविष्‍य का आकलन


इतिहास 2015 को भारत-अमेरिका असैन्‍य परमाणु वाणिज्‍य के संबंध में जारी चर्चाओं की सफलता के वर्ष के रूप में दर्ज करेगा। राष्‍ट्रपति बराक ओबामा पिछले वर्ष भारतीय गणतंत्र दिवस पर प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी के विशेष अतिथि थे। उसकी...

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Assessing the Future of the Indo-U.S. Civil Nuclear Deal


History will record 2015 as a banner year in ongoing discussions related to the U.S.-India civil nuclear commerce. President Barack Obama was a special guest of Prime Minister Modi on the Indian Republic Day last year....

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Delhi Air Quality Challenges & Action Plan

The ambient air quality has been monitored in Delhi since 1984 by the Central Pollution Control Board formerly known Delhi Pollution Control Committee. The collected data and analysis shows there is deterioration in air quality of Delhi. The air...

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Putting an end to Pedestrian approach to Landslide Disaster Mitigation in India

The Indian calendar of Landslide disasters is literally dotted with catastrophic events, most of which, by hindsight, look self imposed and probably avoidable. If landslides could plead their cases in the courts of law, a great majority of them...

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