25 Years of Uzbekistan-China Relations: Enhanced Economic Engagements marked by Political Understanding


Uzbekistan and China recently celebrated 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. In recent years, the two countries have developed robust bilateral ties marked by high degree of economic...

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China’s Increasing Forays In South Asia: Prospect for more Integration?


Notwithstanding its unique advantages of impressive economic growth, young, dynamic and increasingly skilled workforce, large untapped market and strategic location, South Asia has not been able to take off effectively...

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China’s Grand Strategy in Asia

The Chinese Quest

China has attracted tremendous attention in the last couple of decades. Its rapid rise on the world stage spurred by remarkable economic growth for over three decades has led to its resurgence as a...

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China’s Stance towards Pakistan Occupied Kashmir: Recent Developments

Given its geo-strategic location, China has been keenly interested in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) for long. The Chinese plan, to use Pakistan card against India dates back to the 1950’s when Zhou En Lai


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Hong Kong Legislative Council Elections 2016: A New Wave

Elections, 2016

On 4 September 2016, in a landmark development in the history of Hong Kong, the pro- democratic parties that stands for ‘self-determination’ in Hong Kong, won by sweeping majority in the legislative council (LegCo)...

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‘चीन की रोड एवं बेल्ट पहलः भारतीय दृष्टिकोण’

रेशम सड़क आर्थिक पट्टी तथा 21वीं सदी की सामुद्रिक रेशम सड़क की दो परियोजनाओं को मिलाने के लिए सितंबर 2013 में जिस ‘वन बेल्ट, वन रोड’ कार्यक्रम का प्रस्ताव दिया गया था, उसके जरिये चीन पूरी दुनिया का घेरा बनाना चाहता है। विश्व के 55 प्रतिशत सकल...

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China’s Road & Belt Initiative: Indian Perspective

China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’, which was first proposed in September 2013 and combines the twin initiatives of the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, is a grand concept that envisions China girdling the globe. Potentially...

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चीन के साथ नेपाल की रणनीतिक संधि

नेपाली प्रधानमंत्री केपी शर्मा ओली की हालिया 20 से 27 मार्च के बीच हुई चीन यात्रा के दौरान नेपाल ने व्यापार और पारगमन क्षेत्र, ऊर्जा सहयोग और संपर्क क्षेत्र सहित दस समझौतों पर हस्ताक्षर किये। पारगमन क्षेत्र में नेपाल ने कोलकाता बंदरगाह के विकल्प...

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Chinese Submarines for The Bangladesh Navy An Assessment

The Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in December 2015, announced that ‘two submarines would be added to Bangladesh Navy by the middle of the next year’, i.e., 20161. The Prime Minister was speaking at the passing out parade of...

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Upgraded Sino-Pak Relationship Increases Pressure on India

At times individual events irreversibly change the dynamics of regional geopolitics and texture of bilateral relations. Xi Jinping’s well publicised two day (April 20-21, 2015) visit to Pakistan, barely three weeks prior to Indian Prime Minister...

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