Getting ‘Stoned’ by the Stones

Sushant Sareen, Senior Fellow, VIF (2010 -2017)
Since June, the stone-pelting in Kashmir seems to have left the Indian establishment stupefied. The government, both in the state and at the centre, has been reduced to a state of paralysis, almost as though they have been ‘stoned’ by the stones.
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India is the Bigger Victim

Amb Kanwal Sibal, Dean, Centre for International Relations and Diplomacy, VIF
The Jammu and Kashmir problem has imposed heavy political, diplomatic and military costs on India for the last 63 years. It has excessively conditioned our external relations, with much of our diplomacy occupied over the years with explaining to othe
Jammu & Kashmir

Prime Minister’s Visit to J&K : June 7-8, 2010

C D Sahay, Dean, Centre for Neighbourhood Studies and Internal Security Studies, VIF
Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh’s two day (June 7/8, 2010) visit to Srinagar is being generally described as rather uneventful. In UPA-II avatar, this was his second visit to the state, the earlier one being in October 2009. It may be mentioned
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Only unsettled Issue is Continued Occupation

Ajit Doval, KC - Former Director, VIF

THE ENEMIES, both within and without, use bullets and bombs, not to kill people. They are collateral damages. The real objective is to subdue the enemy by breaking its will and dictating its terms of peace.

National will is the most vital

Jammu & Kashmir, National Security and Strategic Studies

Bleeding From Within

Ajit Doval, KC - Former Director, VIF

The country’s internal security environment, which suffered steady deterioration during UPA’s earlier five-year rule, continues to remain a cause of serious concern. Now that the government is no more fettered by pulls and pressures of coaliti

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