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The Stakes in Ukraine

As the situation in Ukraine deteriorates, foreign powers are getting overtly involved. Russian forces are already deployed in the Crimea, and there is the live danger that they will also enter eastern Ukraine. It is important to try and understand what the issues and stakes are. What follows is an attempt at doing so.

India’s North East Needs a Vision


At the recently concluded World Book Fair in Delhi, the National Book Trust (NBT) organized a ‘North East Quiz’ among the school children visiting the annual exhibition.

China's maritime 'Silk Road' Proposal: India must Tread Cautiously

China's proposition of a maritime Silk Route connecting the Pacific and Indian Oceans is part of its propaganda drive to convince the world about its peaceful rise.

Restoring Rule of Law is the Need of the Hour

In all the recent cases pertaining to high level corruption, whether be it the 2 G Spectrum allocation, the Commonwealth Games, the allocation of coal blocks, the appointment of a member

Management of National Security: Agenda for the New Government

The performance of the outgoing UPA-II government in managing India’s multiple external and internal security threats and challenges was often sub-optimal and given to knee jerk reactions.

Maoist Rebellion : Ground Realities

Ground Situation

The end-of-year reports emanating from various Home Departments of the States affected by the Maoist rebellion indicates that the downtrend in violence, as seen during

Deconstructing the AAP Phenomenon

“Never start a paper with the first person singular” was the advice that my English teacher gave me in the first standard in my school in Lahore, St. Anthony’s High School. On 10th February 2014, Barkha Dutt interviewed

US Reach Out to Modi: Political Insult Should Not be Overlooked

US diplomacy is a cynical mixture of principle and expediency. The world’s foremost power needs to project internationally that its policies are based on certain high principles

Lok Sabha Polls 2014: Why the Congress Vice-President Failed to Bite the Bullet?

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s interview to Times Now is certainly the most talked about interview broadcast by an Indian television channel in recent times, but the general

Disarrayed Dialogue: Moderate Taliban reach out to Real Taliban in Pakistan

After months of to-ing and fro-ing on a clear, cogent and coherent policy and strategy to combat the ‘Mother of all Problems” in Pakistan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif pulled yet another