Who is Pushing Dalai Lama to Surrender to China?

Vijay Kranti

Dr. Lobsang Sangay’s attempt to present Dalai Lama’s return to a Chinese ruled Tibet as the monk’s “last unfulfilled dream”, and his call to Tibetan people for making this ‘dream’ of Dalai Lama a reality deserves a closer scrutiny by th

Governance and Political Studies

India’s Nordic Outreach

Amb Anil Trigunayat, Distinguished Fellow, VIF

En route to UK for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting Sweden on April 16 & 17. It will be a bilateral visit, with multilateral engagements, for the first Indo-Nordic Summit at St

International Relations and Diplomacy, Europe

सामुद्रिक सहयोगी बना सेशेल्स

Neha Sinha, Research Associate, VIF
International Relations and Diplomacy, Hindi, VIF Scholars Outreach

नीला हौज़ निर्मित झील प्रणाली (सीडब्ल्यूएस)

Arvind Gupta, Director - VIF

22 मार्च, ‘विश्व जल दिवस’ के रूप में मनाया जाता है. पृथ्वी में केवल २ प्रतिशत ताज़ा पानी उपलब्ध है. इ

Technological and Scientific Studies, Hindi

Sale of Chinese Advanced Tracking System to Pakistan: Impact and Implications

Lt Gen (Dr) V K Saxena (Retd), PVSM,AVSM,VSM, Distinguished Fellow, VIF

According to a statement by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) reported in the South China Morning Post (SCPM) on 22 March 18, China has provided Pakistan a highly advanced Optical Tracking and Measurement System which will be a boon to its missile

National Security and Strategic Studies, Defence

तापी पाइपलाइन: अर्थ बनाम राजनीति

Tilak Devasher, Consultants, VIF

फ़रवरी 2018 में तुर्कमेनिस्तान, अफ़ग़ानिस्तान , पाकिस्तान और भारत के शीर्ष नेतृत्व ने 1700 किमी की तुर्

Economic Studies, Hindi

Commentary: China’s Maritime Infrastructure Projects in the Indian Ocean: Lend and Lease Agreements

Dr Vijay Sakhuja

Economic corridors, connectivity and port projects, and strategic access arrangements in the Indian Ocean Region resonate in the contemporary oration. Further, China’s 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR), under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI),

Neighbourhood Studies, China

The Future of Batteries belongs to China

Aayush Mohanty, Research Associate, VIF

China’s rapid climb to become the second largest economy in the world in a span of 40 years has also meant that it is now the world’s largest carbon emitter. The air pollution has been so severe that in 2015, a research paper indicated that it ha

Technological and Scientific Studies

Reflections on the Defence Budget 2018-19

G. Mohan Kumar, Distinguished Fellow, VIF

The general features of the Defence Budget for 2018-19 are not different from those of the past. With a total outlay of Rs 4,04,365 cr, including Rs 1,08,853 cr towards pension liabilities, the defence outlay is 16.6 percent of the budgeted central g

National Security and Strategic Studies, Defence