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Politics and Polls: Need to Move to a Higher Plane

Indian elections in the past have always tended to be rambunctious, rowdy, noisy and not always necessarily peaceful. I have had the great good fortune of being an international observer

New Pak Army Chief: Nawaz Sharif Gambles on Old Criteria

Out of all the names being tossed around as the possible replacement for Gen Ashfaq Kayani, it is the dark horse – Gen Raheel Sharif – who has finally been appointed as the Pakistan Army’s 15th chief.

Western Discourse on Pak Nukes Exposes ‘Double Standards’ Vis-a-Vis India

It certainly cannot be the cooler days in Delhi that has attracted, in recent weeks, so many concerned western ‘experts’ to the capital, to discuss the abstruse-to the Indian public-subject

China’s Geo-Strategic Jaw : Another Step to Global Power


Development of the Gwadar Port on Pakistan’s Makran Coast on the Arabian Sea has been in the news off and on since the project took a concrete shape in the late 1990s.

Expert Committee Report on Patna Blasts

Report of an Expert Committee on blasts in a political rally in Patna on October 27, 2013 and Recommendations for strengthening security measures

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Populism and Emotional Blackmail in Indian Elections: Time to Grow Up

India is a representative democracy, a republic which is socialist and secular and in which the Preamble of the Constitution and Article 19 guarantee the fundamental right of freedom of speech and the freedom to form associations or unions.

In Memoriam: John F Kennedy

The historical record sheds positive light on JFK

It is fifty years since the assassination of President Kennedy, and time to explore his Presidency for what it might have done for Indo-US relations, had he lived longer.

Patna Blasts – Implications Under Assessed

The serial blasts that took place in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan on October 27, 2013 during BJP’s Hunkar rally was an event whose seriousness and implications have not been fully fathomed.

India-China Relations: Hype and Hoopla?

We have a tendency to overstate the positives of our relations with China and downplay the negatives. This creates the impression that our ties are better than they actually are, and that the

Mangalyaan, Vibrant Symbol of India’s Growing Prowess in Space Exploration

For a country that was badly in need of a good news, the spectacularly successful launch of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan on Nov.5 came as a heart