Developing Nodes of Excellence on China

Maj Gen (Retd.) P K Chakravorty

Introduction India does not have clear perceptions of China and our thinking is based on the 1962 War and also from opinions of research findings of other countries. Thus despite all efforts, China remains an enigma with regards t

Neighbourhood Studies, China

Doklam- Chinese Lies and Misinformation

Amb Kanwal Sibal, Dean, Centre for International Relations and Diplomacy, VIF

China’s propaganda on Doklam is not only shrill, it is mendacious too. It is officially claiming that it had informed our side in advance about its road building plans on two occasions through local border management mechanisms but received no resp

Neighbourhood Studies, China

America's Future is with India and Israel

James J Carafano

Diplomatic Transformation From the Indo-Pacific to the Mediterranean, a diplomatic transformation is underway. The winds of change are blowing not from Beijing, but from Delhi. President Donald Trump has an opportunity to harness

International Relations and Diplomacy, US

Mosul Recaptured: Is This the End of Daesh?

C D Sahay, Dean, Centre for Neighbourhood Studies and Internal Security Studies, VIF

Iraqi Prime Minister Announces the Fall of Mosul July 10, 2017 is rightly being acknowledged as a historic day in the fight against dreaded phenomenon of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) brand of terrorism. The Iraqi Pri

Terrorism, National Security and Strategic Studies

ASEAN’s Centrality and the South China Sea Dispute

Brig Vinod Anand, Senior Fellow, VIF

The concept of Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) centrality has been much talked about as being one of the most cherished principles of the multilateral organization; however, there is no clear or detailed definition of the term. Yet

International Relations and Diplomacy, Indo-Pacific

मरावी : फिलीपींस में संकट और आसियान-भारत आतंकरोधी सहयोग की आवश्यकता

Varun Nambiar, Research Intern, VIF

इस्लामिक स्टेट ऑफ इराक एंड सीरिया (आईएसआईएस) और दुनिया भर में उसके अनगिनत सहयोगियों के उभार की अ

International Relations and Diplomacy, Indo-Pacific, Hindi

Vibrant India Volume 1 Number XX - Skill India Mission: A Timely Initiative

Dr Teshu Singh, Senior Research Associate, VIF
Vibrant India

Pakistan Heading into Political Turbulence

Sushant Sareen, Senior Fellow, VIF

In its seventy years existence, Pakistan has been a virtual laboratory of political science. They have tried all possible forms of democracy – parliamentary, presidential, basic, ‘real’, controlled, stunted, non-party, you name it – and have

Neighbourhood Studies, Pakistan

Indian Civilisation and the Constitution

RNP Singh, Senior Fellow, VIF

The traditional India is the origin and source of the India of today. At the existential level it is the backbone of India. In the philosophic plane it is verily its soul. It is visible in the every walk of life, unless the ‘modern’ Indian, blind

Historical and Civilisational Studies