Intelligence in India’s Internal Security

Ajit Doval, KC - Former Director, VIF

As an instrumentality of the state, a seemingly simple doctrine that security interests of a state are best served when addressed from a position of knowledge dominance is the mother of intelligence. Unfortunately, states often do not act in their

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A Strategic Setback for India - Reg. Havana Statement India - Pakistan

Ajit Doval, KC - Former Director, VIF

Pakistan’s military leadership may consider Havana statement a dividend for the terror attacks in India

 India has suffered its first strategic setback in the fight against terrorism by certifying that Pakistan is not an aggressor but

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No More Marching Orders

Ajit Doval, KC - Former Director, VIF

Many are seeing Friday’s supreme court directive on police reforms as the beginning of an era of good policing. Will it show India’s colonial cop the door?

Concerned that political interference and politicisation of police were eating

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If Sharif Comes Back

Ajit Doval, KC - Former Director, VIF

For Musharraf, the Supreme Court decision allowing the return of the exiled Nawaz Sharif could mean a disaster. It turns upside down the delicately nuanced American-backed rescue plan to bail out Musharraf in the face of nationwide protests for en

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Needed: War on Error

Ajit Doval, KC - Former Director, VIF

Hyderabad blasts were waiting to happen; why they weren’t prevented is a longer story of deliberate diversion.

For nations, it matters what happens to them; but the course of their history is often determined less by what happened and m

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Growth of Maoists Fuelled by Politicians

Ajit Doval, KC - Former Director, VIF

In November 2004 when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that Left Wing extremism constituted “an even greater threat to India than militancy in Jammu & Kashmir and the North East”, the country took it seriously. They expected that the governm

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Changing Paradigms of National Security – Need to Transform and not Reform Intelligence Apparatus

Ajit Doval, KC - Former Director, VIF

Ever since the Chinese debacle of 1962, whenever the nation suffered any serious security setback there has been a clamoring for intelligence reforms. As if following a well rehearsed drill, Government assures urgent reforms, committees are forme

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Impending Storm

Ajit Doval, KC - Former Director, VIF

THE ENEMIES, both within and without, use bullets and bombs, not to kill people. They are collateral damages. The real objective is to subdue the enemy by breaking its will and dictating its terms of peace.

So far as emigrants go, accordin

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Op Moshtarak: Post Surge Operations in Afghanistan

Major Gen. G. D. Baxi

Courtesy the Iraq diversion, the critical Counter- Terrorist campaign in Afghanistan had been deliberately underfunded and under-resourced for nearly a decade. The situation began to deteriorate steadily from 2005 onwards and the Taliban steadily

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Significance of Putin’s Visit to India by Kanwal Sibal

Amb Kanwal Sibal, Dean, Centre for International Relations and Diplomacy, VIF

Vladimir Putin deserves our esteem. On assuming power in 2000 he reversed the Yeltsin era drift in India-Russia relations and established a strategic partnership with India. His current visit is his fifth to India in 10 years, testifying to the pe

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