Resilient Democracy of India

RNP Singh, Senior Fellow, VIF

India, the largest democracy of the world, has come out successful in conduct in elections all through the last 70 years of its independence. The Indian democracy in spite of being often referred as new democracy, its political system and political p

Governance and Political Studies

जीएसटी की विशेषताओं पर नजर

Rajesh Singh

देश में वस्तु एवं सेवा कर (जीएसटी) लागू होने की अहमियत को कई तरीके से समझा जा सकता है। चूंकि जीएसट

Governance and Political Studies, Hindi

Doklam Crisis: Road to Settlement

Amb Ashok K Kantha, Distinguished Fellow, VIF

(Ambassador Ashok K Kantha was India’s envoy to China before the current incumbent took over from him. Retiring from the Indian Foreign Service last year, presently he is the Director of Institute of Chinese Studies and a Distinguished Fellow at t

National Security and Strategic Studies, Border and Coastal Security

Secure Cognitive Domain for Conflict Management in Jammu and Kashmir

Brig Narender Kumar

When conflict becomes violent, the effect on human wellbeing is disastrous. Negative outcome of armed conflict in Jammu and Kashmir is not confined to the collateral damage but has triggered collapse of social and cultural institutions. Employment of

Jammu & Kashmir, National Security and Strategic Studies

एशिया-अफ्रीका वृद्धि गलियारा: क्या इससे पलटेगी बाजी?

Neha Sinha, Research Associate, VIF

एएजीसी दृष्टि पत्र – उत्पत्ति और इसके निर्माण के पीछे की संस्थाएं? अफ्रीकी विकास बैंक (अ

International Relations and Diplomacy, Africa, Energy Security, Hindi

भारत और एससीओ अस्ताना सम्मेलन और उसके बाद

Brig Vinod Anand, Senior Fellow, VIF

शांघाई सहयोग संगठन (एससीओ) में 2005 से ही पर्यवेक्षक की भूमिका निभा रहे भारत को जून में आयोजित अस्त

International Relations and Diplomacy, Central Asia, Hindi

Vibrant India Volume 1 Number XVII - Integrating Jammu and Kashmir: The Banihal-Katra Rail Link Tunnel

Dr. Madhumita Srivastava Balaji, Senior Research Associate, VIF
Vibrant India

Conflicts in the Name of Language

Rajesh Singh
Policies & Perspectives