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Looking Back at Sino-Indian Silk Road Cultural Linkages to Look Forward

“Two great civilizations ---India and China --- have been in mutual dialogue for centuries. Both the dialogue as also the distinctiveness have been inspired in no small measure through the spread of Buddhism.Pilgrims from each country have visited the other. The pilgrimage and trade routes provided opportunity for the flowering of creative energies in both the countries. The paintings and sculpture of the Dunhuang caves represent this cultural synergism as do the Ajanta caves of India."

- Prime Minister Narsimha Rao, November 1991

Army Modernisation is Gathering Momentum

Defence planning in India has been marked by knee jerk reactions to emerging situations and haphazard single-Service growth. The absence of a clearly enunciated national security strategy, the failure

Being A Citizen Soldier or A Soldier Citizen

The recently concluded One Rank One Pension agitation by Veterans of the Armed Forces had me thinking of various aspects of the armed forces itself. Having grown up as an army brat, I spoke to quite a few people about the agitation itself. What I discovered was that while there was complete unity in the belief behind the struggle for OROP, there were differences in opinion pertaining to the way the agitation was taking place.

‘China’s Focus on Military Activities in Tibet’

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the country’s official military media have kept a discernible focus on the activities and exercises of the PLA formations deployed in Tibet in the past some months.

India’s Afghan Policy: Not Rebuff, But A Refrain from Reflexive Response

In recent weeks, there has been some puzzlement over India’s somewhat less than enthusiastic response to Afghan overtures for re-engaging and revitalizing the Strategic Partnership Agreement

Pakistan Responsible for Breakdown of NSA Level Talks

It is mystifying why commentators on the Indian side, including some who have officially dealt with Pakistan, should have been so critical of their own government for the failure of the Ufa initiative.

NSA Level Talks: Culmination before Commencement of a Discursive Dialogue

Ever since Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister of Pakistan for the third time in 2013, his statements professing his sincere desire for normalising relations with India have been quite at variance with his actions on ground.

New Echoes in J&K

The undercurrents in Kashmir Valley, the covert and overt actions of Pakistan across the International Border and Line of Control (LoC) with India require to be analysed in depth if we are not to be

Delhi Air Quality Challenges & Action Plan

The ambient air quality has been monitored in Delhi since 1984 by the Central Pollution Control Board formerly known Delhi Pollution Control Committee. The collected data and analysis shows there is deterioration in air quality of Delhi. The air pollution has been a matter of concern because it is impacting environment and health. To combat the air quality problem it is important to understand the reason of problem to implement successful robust action plan in time frame.

Sri Lanka: Mandate to continue with change

Will it be fourth time lucky for Ranil Wickramasinghe? Sworn in as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka on Friday afternoon, Ranil Wickramasinghe is not new to the post. He has been PM in the past--1993-94, 2001-04--and since January this year when he and President Maithripala Sirisena joined hands to oust Sinhala strongman Mahinda Rajapaksa as President of the country. Wickramasinghe's first two stints were not spectacular. But in the current circumstances, his popularity vests him with an authority that he perhaps lacked in the two earlier stints.