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Prime Minister’s address to Military leaders: No clarity on National Security Strategy

In his address to the Chiefs of Staff and the Commanders-in-Chief of the armed forces on board the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya on December 15, 2015, the Prime Minister made a rare statement on India’s defence policy.

Memo to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

Memo to FM: An education bank, easy loans to India Uninc, tax breaks for savers – and my dog

Since it is customary to give unsolicited advice to the finance minister in the run-up to the budget, here are some. In order to make it easy for the finance minister to quickly get the gist, the suggestions are short, and, in most cases, the operative details are in bullet points.

PLA Reform, Reorganisation, Restructuring and Implications for India

In a clear demonstration of his authority and confidence over the New Year, Chinese President Xi Jinping began implementing the crucial second phase of military reforms announced earlier on September 3, 2015.

Pakistan and The Saudi-Iran Face-Off

Pakistan’s diplomatic plate is full. The skill of its leadership and diplomats is being tested as they negotiate an unfolding regional situation. There are at least four key external issues that require immediate attention: to keep the Indo-Pak peace initiative

Challenges India Faces in Resuming Dialogue with Pakistan

Prime Minister Modi’s dialogue initiative towards Pakistan is premised on its stated willingness to make no distinction between good and bad terrorists, which implies a readiness to eliminate not only terrorists attacking

Diffidence, Defiance and Delusion: Maldives in Denial

'That which springs from comfort & consolation,
is delusion of perception;
For truth is absolute,
not contingent on convenience'

Human beings often conveniently slide into a ‘state of denial’ to avoid and evade unsettling realities transcending their mental and physical comfort zone. Wealthy parents turning a blind eye to their children’s indulgent

Maverick Pakistan : Army Leading It to Oblivion

The Pakistan Army continues to baffle. Known to be the power behind Pakistan’s foreign and security related policies its hold is also for the purpose of perpetuating its control over Pakistan’s polity and in fact almost every facet of existence of the nation. From 1977 onwards, when General Zia ul Haq overthrew Zulfiqar Bhutto, the control of the Army has been all pervading, even as democracy prevails.

India’s Greatest Military Victory: The Role played by Lt Gen JFR Jacob in the Liberation of Bangladesh

At 93, one of India’s great military icons, Lt Gen JFR Jacob passed away in Delhi on Wednesday. Jakes to friends and colleagues, Lt Gen Jacob was a regular visitor to Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF). One of the important protagonists in India's greatest military victory, long be remembered for his qualities of head and heart, the quintessential General Officer difficult to find today. Here's our heartfelt tribute to him.

‘Major Structural Reforms in PLA: Brief Initial Assessment’

The crucial phase of the major military reforms -- described as 'far reaching and unprecedented' -- that were publicly announced on September 3, 2015, by Xi Jinping, who is concurrently the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), President of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), began to be implemented over New Year’s Eve. While the reforms have yet to be fully implemented, an initial assessment of the difficulties in implementation and their scope would perhaps be useful.

Events in Pathankot : A Breach Of Trust

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Lahore was probably the last proverbial straw for the elements of the Deep State of Pakistan which is heavily opposed to any ideas of a peace process with India. The chain of events involving the NSA talks at Bangkok followed by the high profile visit of MrsSushma Swaraj to Islamabad were still within the ambit of scope of disruption.